Concept for a hardcore focused gaming site I pitched in 2003. The editorial content was envisioned as a counter reaction to the general trend of sucking up to the publishers as I witnessed during my time in commercial printed gaming press, as stated in the Manifesto. The forum (aka BBS) was to be focused on high scores and general hardcore achievements.


On gaming journalism

  • Journalism is a poorly told myth. Gaming journalism is a cyclops with one eye gouged out, shooting blanks from the hip with his sawn-off light gun.
  • Hiscores is on the forefront of gaming, rambling the expanses that lie beyond the prevailing dogma. We are the most serious when you least can believe it.
  • Never trust an opinion sponsored by advertisements. Regarding videogames, trust no one – especially if said person writes about only a particular subset of formats, is friends with distributors, gets economic compensation or sells advertisements.
  • Our grades range from 0 to 5 but show a greater dynamic than any 10- or 100-grade scale.

On style

  • Graphics is style – not technology, metrics or gimmicks.
  • Audio is style – not the amount of bits portioned out in 5.1 through digital connections.
  • 16:9 and 5.1 pales in comparison to 3:4 in the stereophonic chaos of a dark arcade.
  • One line on a Vectrex display is worth more than a thousand wankmapped polygons.

On prejudice

  • Gaming wasn’t better in the good old days, but rarely has so much been so bad as today.
  • Put crassly, american developers says too much but knows too little about arcade sticks. And games.

CreditsDesign by David Lindecrantz
DateDecember 2002