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In an age of ever-increasing megapixels and bit depth it is now painfully clear;
It is not the number of pixels that matters,
but the quality of those individual pixels!
With 1-BIT CAMERA for iPhone® you can see and record your world in one bit clarity, processed with dithering algorithms pioneered by Bill Atkinson and Bryce Bayer. Those are only fancy names, of course – but! – you have probably laid eyes on their immortalized legacy as per the superior imaging seen in the original Apple® Macintosh® OS and the Nintendo® Gameboy® Camera, respectively. Wow!

  • 1-bit dynamic range
  • More than 150 kilopixels
  • Real-time Atkinson and Bayer dithering algorithms
  • Tumble, tweet and share your bits on the Facebook

  • Blast Processing = more responsive experience
  • Adaptive low-light auto-exposure
  • Load, enhance, save and share images from the iPhone photo roll
  • iPad® support with retina pixels

  • Full compatibility with iOS 6 and all iOS devices
    (In fact, version 2.0 will require iOS 6! Wow!)
  • Features?! The future is a 100% bright mystery box!
  • When will the buggy behavior when running 1-Bit Camera on iPhone 5 be fixed?
  • I really regret that everything isn't working as it should on this modern device! I am working on a version 2.0 that fixes all bugs and introduces some new features, but since this is a hobby project of mine other things have taken precedence. Currently the ETA for version II is summer 2013.
  • What is the "Community share" option when I choose to share on Tumblr?
  • With this option turned on your photo is automatically published on onebitcamera.tumblr.com. You can publish both on your personal tumblr and the community tumblr, or either one!
    NB! The API used for Tumblr uploads has been deprecated since october 2012, so currently any attempts to directly upload to Tumblr is doomed. This will be remedied in version 2.0 of 1-Bit Camera!
  • 1-BIT CAMERA isn't too shabby, but I miss feature X-Y-Z! Can you add it?

While I do believe 1-BIT CAMERA is a photographic tool of utmost quality, you shouldn't just take my word for it; here's what people all around the world have to say!

The generational orgy of digital nostalgia… For those whose Instagram tinting is “too fake-authentic.”
Bruce Sterling, Wired

"And we liked it, because it was all we had!" 1-Bit Camera by David Lindecrantz warms my classic-Mac heart.
John Siracusa

Leave the Lomos and Lytros to the posers. Because what you really want is a 1-Bit Camera, Gameboy-style.
Angela Natividad, Adverve

Best dollar I'll spend today, that's for sure. Just seeing live video in 1-bit is rad. Has great little touches and works exactly like it says it well. Great concept, excellent execution.
Scott Ogilvie

Aegir Hallmundur, Ministry of Type

Every single pixel is beautifully shaped and obviously programmed with both love and know-how. It is almost like a miracle: The smaller the picture gets (you can do this trick by simply increasing the distance to the display!) the more details it reveals!
Alexander Walter

디지털 첨단의 시대에 다시 접하는
20년 전 레트로 디지털의 맛.

Forget Hipstamatic. 1-bit Camera is the most sophisticated iPhone camera I've seen.
Jacob Harris

1-Bit Camera. Nostalgia extrema.
Jesús Gallego

The apps keep bringing retro sexy back. First it was Instagram with its Lomo-esque filters or polaroid film borders. Now we have 1-Bit Camera that takes photography back to when we had digital photography but it was still in its infancy.
Digital Ruckus

Jens Dworzak

1-Bit Camera may be the best 99¢ I've ever spent on the app store.
George Coghill

ミッツ , Mitsuya0


Delightfully nostalgic 1-Bit Camera iPhone app simulates the low-fi Game Boy camera aesthetic
Nathan Ingraham, The Verge

If you want to take pictures of the highest quality possible with plenty of tools to mess around with to give it more pop, this is not the app for you. But if you want to relive those days when you took pictures of your first girlfriend with the Game Boy camera while Boyz II Men was playing in the background, this app is perfect for that.
Juan Martinez, The Examiner

Det som 1-Bit Camera försöker efterlikna är grafiken i gamla 68k-Macar, något som lär tilltala många av oss nostalgiska Macanvändare.
Mikael Markander, MacWorld Sverige (Dagens App!)

1-Bit Camera is a nostalgia trip of a photography app. It lets you take photos and transform them into 320 x 480 works of pixelated art. What makes the app’s resultant photos so endearing is that they hark back to the classic Nintendo Game Boy camera and the Apple Macintosh OS of the past. True to its twofold inspiration, 1-Bit Camera employs a user interface that is charmingly old-fashioned.
Aldrin Calimlim, AppAdvice.com

1bit camera,ディザリングのアルゴリズムもちゃんとかえれてセンスいいな。1bitのライブビューがかなり面白い。
Yasuhiro Tsuchiya, SLN Syndicate

Que Instagram nada!

Wenn mir das Ding übermorgen noch Spaß macht, starte ich vielleicht ein Tumblr: Die Welt von heute durch die Augen eines Cyborgs aus den 1980ern.
Doktor Katze, Interweb3000

трололо! я олдскул однобитный! как на спектруме!!!
Kazz By, banana.by

The Bayer dither providing the image aesthetic you'd be used to from a Game Boy camera, and Atkinson (being used on the original Mac's monochrome display) taking your photos back to an era subtly remenisced via the use of the old Chicago fonts and icons that look as if they've been taken straight from the Mac OS interface. […] it's a polished app, and worth the 69p for a purchase on a whim.
New Rising Media

1-bitowy ja!
Jarosław Sroka