In 2002 a new games magazine called PLAYER1 was launched in Sweden. Its main selling point was a distinct focus towards the hardcore and purist audience, with a heavy tilt towards japanese gaming culture. I was an obvious good fit for the editorial team, being a fairly obsessed arcade and japanese console gamer.

Team Silent PLAYER1 Reporter Kit

Some high points for me during the year with PLAYER1 was interviewing the Silent Hill creators, meeting Hideo Kojima and doing the “HOBBY” pages dedicated to DIY projects.

Fun fact: The feature we did on Cave, the legendary shoot’em up developer, was translated to both english and japanese on shmup fan forums.

PLAYER1 Redaktionsrutor

Indulge some scanned samples of my published texts below. Admittedly, my writing style in the magazine came out quite forced for the most part. I can partly blame that on my inexperience with the very tight character count tolerances when writing for a print magazine with fixed layouts – but mostly on my overall inexperience in writing. In any case, I always enjoy trying new things and in the end it’s another fun detour on my meandering resumé. Click to load the pages at a readable size!

PLAYER1 #01 - Team Silent PLAYER1 #01 Ham-Ham Heartbreak PLAYER1 #01 Power Drift PLAYER1 #01 Gameboy Player PLAYER1 #01 Ballistic PLAYER1 #02 ECTS 1 PLAYER1 #02 ECTS 2 PLAYER1 #02 JAMMA PLAYER1 #02 Rasterlinjer PLAYER1 #03 Full Fart Framåt PLAYER1 #04 Sex! Knark! Mat! 1 PLAYER1 #04 Sex! Knark! Mat! 2 PLAYER1 #05 Blås Nytt Liv PLAYER1 #05 Front Mission 3 PLAYER1 #05 R-Type Final PLAYER1 #06 Armored Warriors PLAYER1 #03 Do DonPachi PLAYER1 #07 Cave 1 PLAYER1 #07 Cave 2 PLAYER1 #07 Cave 3
CreditsText and photography by David Lindecrantz
DateJune 2003

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